What is Calgel?

Calgel is "Organic" gel nail products. Calgel is recommended for those with very thin nails as its flexibility ensures that it won't chip, crack or lift from the nail while allowing your natural nails underneath to respire.Although Calgel can peel off easily if your nails are especially fragile, the great thing about it is that the more you use it the stronger your nails become. Calgel can also last from a few weeks to even a month. And Calgel dry fast, very practical. So please visit Nail Bee And find out.

How does Calgel different from Acrylic or other gel nails?

Calgel requires the use of a special remover."Calaway". It's safe for the nails and easy removal. Also, Calgel is very flexible. Unlike acrylic nails, Calgel is especially gentle to your natural nails as it requires little filling,and you don't need to use primers or primer gels before application.

Can you remove Calgel at home?

Yes, by using special remover, Calaway. you can remove it easily yourself. If you want to change only polish colors, please use an acetone-free remover.

Important Factors

Calgel can apply only on Natural Nails. Also, Calgel may last longer by applying on healthy and good condition nails.